Costco: Mail in Rebate ~ FREE Air Wick Freshmatic Large Gadget


Purchase a participating Freshmatic Refill 4-pack from Costco and receive a FREE Air Wick Freshmatic Large Gadget.

Your purchase must be made by Aug 1, 2013 and the rebate form must be received by  the manufacturer on or before Aug 31, 2013.

Limit of 1 Gadget per individual, family, or household.

Get your rebate form here!

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  1. charles connolly

    i bought a pack of 4 refill air wick freshmatic with a stiker on it get a free gadget on f/airwick here i read Your purchase must be made by Aug 1, 2013. I bought it today 10 september 2014 at costco. Wath the eck is this?

    • Sorry to hear that you had this experience. This website only shared that this offer was available last year, but was not responsible for fulfilling it. Please contact the product manufacturer with any complaints regarding this offer.

  2. Like Charles above, I too purchased a 4 pack refill air wick freshmatic from COSTCO. The sticker on it said “free gadget” with purchase. I bought my 4 pack refill Sept 17, 2014. The sticker did not indicate when the purchase had to be made by in order to get the free gaget. When I went to this site it indicated the purchase had to be made by Aug 1, 2013. I will be contacting the product manufacturer regarding this offer to see why a purchase date was not specified anywhere on the label.

  3. moi aussi je me suis fait avoir avec l’achat des 4 airwick/diffuseur gratuit chez costco (semaine du 27 octobre 2014)…si toutefois il y a quelqu’un d’entre vous qui avez eu une réponse du fabricant pourriez-vous me faire un compte-rendu SVP…s’il y a une marche à suivre pour avoir droit au diffuseur gratuit je suis intéressée à la connaitre…merci

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