Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Program

Shoppers Drug Mart has a very valuable points program called Optimum.  You earn 10 points for every dollar spent in store when they scan your optimum card.  Personally, this is my favourite rewards program because I earn many points and fairly easily.  I will explain how.

Points redemption :

8000 points = $10 off

22,000 points = $30 off

38,000 points = $60 off

50,000 points = $85 off

95,000 points = $170 off

You can use your points on the following:

  • Household items
  • Food and drinks
  • Makeup
  • Baby products
  • Pet products
  • Magazines & books
  • Health aids
  • Candy & gum
  • Electronics
  • Gift sets

Things your points won’t cover:

  • Prescriptions
  • Anything with codeine
  • Stamps
  • Wireless phone cards
  • Post office merchandise
  • Passport photos
  • Tickets by ticket providers
  • Tobacco and cigarettes
  • Bill payments
  • Delivery charges
  • Bottle deposit and returns
  • Gift with purchases
  • Charitable donations

Be sure to sign up for these in order to get special bonus points coupons and offers:

  • VIB program for parents with babies and small children

-free sample pack for baby

-special bonus points coupons emailed to you

  • Shoppers drug mart optimum sign up

-get special points coupons sent to your inbox

  • Glow magazine

-cost for 1 year subscription (8 issues) is 7,500 points

-inside you can find exclusive bonus optimum points coupons

  • RBC Visa shoppers optimum rewards card

–          25 points per $1 spent in store OR 5 points per $1 spent anywhere else

–          No annual fee

–          Get 15,000 points just for signing up

  • RBC optimum debit card

-earn 1 point per $1 spent anywhere, earn 10 points per $1 spent in store

-earn 50,000 points when you open your bank account and an additional 5,000 points when you use the RBC customswitch

In-Store Events and offers:

1)      20X the points event is a pretty common points event that happens at Shoppers to help you earn extra points.  Usually if you spend a minimum of $50 – $75, you will get 20X the points on that purchase.  Sometimes the minimum amount spent to get the 20X the points varies; however, it is usually spend $50 or spend $75.

** You CAN use coupons to bring your total down and still get the bonus points.  Example if your total before coupons is over $50 and you have $20 in coupons, you will still receive the 20X the points as long as you are not using FPC (free product coupons), B1G1 (buy one get one) coupons.  The reason for this is simple.  When the cashier enters in a coupon, they use a code.  The code for dollars and cents off coupons is different from the FPC coupon code, therefore the dollars and cents off coupons count as cash.

2)      Spend ___ Earn ____ can vary from points to gift cards.  Usually the amount is spend $50 or $75 minimum to earn a $10 giftcard, 18,500 points OR Cineplex movie passes.  These are just examples of offers from the past.

** Please note that you probably wont receive the giftcard or movie passes if you total after coupons is less than the $50 or $75 minimum.  This is because it is up to the cashier to award the gift card or movie pass.  In this case, it would be safer if you spent the minimum $50 AFTER coupons to ensure you get your giftcard etc.

3)      If you flip through the shopper’s drug mart flyer, you will notice certain products have extra bonus points attached to them.  Example: Receive 1000 bonus point when you buy any 3 participating Huggies products.  They have several of these offers every week in their flyer.  If this is during a 20X the points event, you will only receive the 20X the points on the base point amount. You can view the current bonus point offers here:

** You are able to use manufacturer coupons and still get the bonus points

4)      Once you sign up for an optimum card or VIB program, you will receive special emails with printable bonus points coupons.  If this is during a 20X the points event, you will only receive the 20X the points on the base point amount.

** You are able to combine these points offers with manufacturers coupons

Example: coupon is for 1000 bonus points when you buy 3 participating Huggies products and you have a Huggies manufacturer coupon, you can use it and still get the 1000 points.

5)      You can earn points when you fill your prescription at Shoppers Drug Mart.  Please note that Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland can NOT earn points on prescriptions.  Points awarded are based on the full amount of prescription.  In British Columbia and Prince Edward Island, points are only awarded based on the customer’s portion paid.

6)      Shoppers Spend your Points Event is a great way to get more bang for your points.  They aren’t usually always the same but an example is if you spend 50,000 points, you receive $100 off your purchase.  That is $15 more than if you spent your points on a non-event day.  95,000 points spent gives you $200 off your purchase, which is $30 more than non-event redemption.

** I recommend that you use coupons so you can lower your total and get more for your points.

** If you want to redeem your points for $50, you have to use the redemption for $60 which is 38,000 points.  You will loose the remaining points, so I suggest spending $60 and redeeming at $60.

** Regular points are NOT awarded when redeeming points.  If you spend over the redemption amount and you pay out of pocket for the remainder, you will earn points on the amount you paid.

** You can earn bonus points when redeeming, but only if it states a certain points amount like 3000 bonus points, and not when it states 15X or 5X the points.

7)      If you know how much you are going to spend pre-shop, then buy a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card before you shop.  If I know im going to spend $50 because I want to receive a $10 giftcard or get bonus points for spending a minimum $50, I buy a $50 gift card.  This will earn me an extra 500 points because you earn base points on gift cards.  Then I will do my shopping and pay for my purchases using the gift card.

** you can not earn 20X the points on gift cards, just the base points of 10 points per dollar.

Hopefully you will enjoy this awesome rewards program as much as I do!  Happy shopping!

  1. Wow, great post! Thanks for all the tips… I def will be doing #7!!

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